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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Getting  Ready for Back to School!
Getting Ready for Back to School!
For all Grade Levels

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**PLEASE LABEL WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME:  crayons, t-shirts, scissors, headphones, and pencil pouch/pencil box

2 packages #2 pencils, 4 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count), 1 package dry erase markers, 1 pair Fiskars scissors, 1 bottle (4 oz.) Elmer's glue, 3 large packs of glue sticks, 1 zipper pencil pouch or pencil box; 3 rolls of paper towels, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 2 bottles anti-bacterial soap and 4 bottles of Germ-X, 3 containers of baby wipes, 3 containers Clorox antibacterial wipes (non-bleach), 1 (3 pack) white t-shirts (Youth X-Large), headphones for computer work (NO EAR BUDS), 1 pkg. white copy paper, 1 thin red/blue nap mat (NO CLOTH MATS), Ziploc storage bags: Girls-1 box of quart size bags, Boys-1 box of gallon size bags.







4 boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons; 1 box of Crayola color pencils (12 count or 24 count); 2 pairs of blunt scissors; 10 glue sticks (more would be appreciated);  2 large 3-ring zipper pencil pouches (NO boxes);  5 PLASTIC folders WITH prongs, 1 of each color red, blue, yellow, green, orange (no paper folders and do not write your child's name on the folders);  4 boxes of Kleenex;  3 rolls of paper towels;  3 containers Clorox Wipes (bleach free); 1 package of Baby Wipes; 1 bottle of liquid soap, 4 bottles of hand sanitizer/Germ-X; 1 pack Ziploc Bags (boys: quart size, girls: gallon size); 3 package of #2 wooden pencils (non-decorative and sharpened);  2 packages pencil top erasers;  1 pack wide ruled notebook paper (no college ruled); 1 pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers; 1 pack of white copy paper.


sheet protectors, card stock paper, multi-colored paper, construction paper, Band-aids (non-latex preferred)


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Fill one zipper pouch with 1 box of crayons, 2 sharpened pencils, 1 pair of scissors, and 1 glue stick.  Label everything except for the folders! Open and place all supplies, except folders, in a gallon Ziploc bag with the child's name.  We ask for extra supplies so that when the kids need them, they are at the school and you do not have to worry about getting more.  Please get an extra box of crayons, pack of notebook paper and pencils to keep at home.  Your child will use these throughout the school year for homework.




**NO PENCIL BOXES! (Put items in a gallon Ziploc bag with your child's name)




4 bottles hand sanitizer; 1 bottle soft soap; 4 boxes Kleenex/tissues; 1 pack of copy paper; Ziploc Bags ( BOYS - Gallon size and GIRLS - Quart size); Expo marker (small pack); 2 packs of baby wipes; 3 containers of Clorox Wipes

PERSONAL: (We will put extras in a bag with their name)

3 pair scissors; 6 packs of crayons (extra if possible); 24 pencils; 3 Pink Pearl Erasers; 12 cap erasers; 2 small bottles of white glue; 8 glue sticks; 2 Crayola watercolor paint sets; 1 pack of notebook paper; 4 pocket folders (red, blue, yellow, green), headphones for computers; 2 1-inch binders - Mrs. Costa's students only.





1 inch binder (except for Mrs. Starrett's students); dividers for binder (labeled Homework, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies - Except for Mrs. Starrett's students); 3 packages wide ruled paper; 4 packs of 24 crayons; 1 pack of 12 colored pencils; blunt tipped Fiskar scissors; 4 glue sticks; zippered pouch to hold supplies-NO plastic boxes; pencil sharpener with cover to catch shavings; box of #2 pencils-NO mechanical pencils; 4 boxes of Kleenex; 2 rolls of paper towels; 4 bottles of hand sanitizer; 3 packs of copier paper;  Boys - Ziploc bags (gallon); Girls - Ziploc bags (quart); 2 containers Clorox wipes; 2 composition books; 1 package of cap erasers

**Students may NOT bring the following:  markers, large book bags with wheels (all book bags must fit in locker), binders larger than specified, or items that may be a distraction.

**Donations of the following would be appreciated: Band-aids, Lysol, extra packs of crayons, extra glue sticks, white school glue, and scissors.



**No Trapper Keepers

**No mechanical pencils

**Please bring supplies to Open House if possible, or on the first day of school

Suggested or Recommended Items (These items will be turned in to the homeroom teacher for each homeroom to use for their students):

3 boxes of Kleenex; 2 rolls of paper towels; 2 bottles of hand sanitizer; 3 canisters of Clorox wipes; white copy paper-2 reams; colored copy paper-1 ream (no green); 3 packages of wide-ruled white loose leaf notebook paper; 24 #2 pencils-NO mechanical pencils; 4 pack of highlighters; 1 white poster board 28x22 (For Mrs. Gisi, Mrs. Hardaway, and Ms. Maddux classes only); 50-60 page protectors; 3 glue sticks; ear buds for computer use (Dollar store kind is fine); 1 can of air freshener (girls); 1 can of Lysol spray (boys); 1 box of Expo markers; Ziploc bags 1 gallon, 1 quart size.


These items will be for the student's personal use (Please keep these items in book bag)

3 - 1 inch binders (clear pocket front cover)(Mrs. Gisi, Mrs. Hardaway, and Mrs.  Maddux); 1 - 3-ring binder (Mrs. Noah and Mrs. Hollon);  3- 3 prong pocket folders; wide ruled composition notebooks or journal writing (2 for Mrs. Gisi, Maddux, Hardaway; 3 for Mrs. Noah and Mrs. Hollon); blunt tip scissors; 2 boxes of colored pencils; 2 boxes of Crayons (48 pack); Crayola markers; zippered pencil bag or Ziploc bag; college dictionary (keep at home for homework); 2 hand-held pencil sharpeners (Mrs. Gisi, Mrs. Hardaway, and Mrs. Maddux);




**Rolling book bags are acceptable, but no rolling suitcases!

**Our electric pencil sharpeners wear out quickly.  It is essential that students bring a pencil sharpener for themselves.  Also, please label all of your child's items.

2 packages wide ruled notebook paper; 2 inch binder (very sturdy - for all subjects);  1 inch three-ring binder (for science journal); 3 black composition notebooks; 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer; 2 folders with brads and pockets (green and blue); 2 folders with pockets only (yellow and red); 3 packages of dividers; 3 packs of #2 Pencils (Please purchase one box for your homeroom teacher); 2 small hand-held pencil sharpeners with cover to catch shavings; 2 yellow highlighters; colored pencils; Crayons -24 count; 3 boxes  of Kleenex;  1 box baby wipes;  2 rolls of paper towels; 2 packages copy paper;  page/sheet protectors (package of 10); 1 Sharpie; set of headphones.

Fifth Grade Parents,

Here is a list of items needed in order to conduct many of the hands on activities in our science class.  ANYTHING you can supply will be greatly appreciated, but please don't feel that you have to send everything on the list.  Thank you for your support!!

 D size batteries (new or used); Ziploc bags (quart); 12 inch balloons; Alka Seltzer (store band); yeast packets; cornstarch; used 9-volt batteries; vinegar; salt; Play-doh (NOT ROSE ART BRAND - It doesn't work well)

Thank you so much,

Fifth Grade Teachers



Mrs. Galloway's Supply List:

3 rolls of paper towels; 2 boxes of tissue; 2 containers of hand sanitizer; 1 pack of wipes; 1 pack of printer paper; wide ruled notebook paper; pencils; 2 packs (24 count) of crayons; 1 pack of markers; 1 pack of colored pencils; 1 set of earbuds or headphones


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